Mobility Seminars

Learn what your body is supposed to be able to do and the thought processes to use to attack your weaknesses and make them strengths. Build a more complete and capable you. My favorite way to learn is watching someone work on others, so my methods here usually include addressing something specific in the crowd and guiding people through the analysis and reasoning for my recommendations. Leave with principles and a workbook to help you take care of yourself and know when you do need to ask for help.

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Jiu-Jitsu Seminars

I love teaching any level of practitioner(s) my movement-focused approach to BJJ. Discover small concept changes that can impact your game in huge ways. I always work custom to the room in front of me, but do particularly enjoy teaching my methods of getting and maintaining the back, guard passing, and mounted attacks.

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Weekend Intensives

Focused guidance, mobility training, and mindfulness exercises to help you get where you want to be. And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, if you want or it comes up.

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What can I teach you?

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