I stumbled upon Samantha and Movewellphilly while "researching" ways to shoehorn my 40+ year old body into shape for a return to the BJJ mat after a ten year layoff and a serious illness. I thought when I came for my initial assessment that I had a fairly good idea of what to expect and what I anticipated I would get out of the session. Two and a half hours later, I walked away with an amazing, new found, sense of how much my joints and muscles had suffered from benign neglect and that "feeling" what those parts of my body were telling me would permit me to better focus on creating the type of joint/muscle interaction that, in turn, would permit a type of mobility I have not experienced in years. Samantha is very adept at being in whatever space you bring through the door, and after a session that included Thai Bodywork (so relaxing I almost feel asleep), an assessment of my body mechanics, practice "finding" what feels good and what feels bad mobility wise, and a deep dive into some of my mental roadblocks, I can honestly say the experience FAR surpassed my expectations. I have really begun to apply those lessons, making both physical and mental change a daily habit, from performing CARS, RAILS, and PAILS while at work, to finding time to unplug and be content with "not knowing". My experience with Samantha has been truly remarkable. I could not have asked for more. She knew exactly what my mind and body needed (even if I didnt) and how to direct me to make lasting improvement. Thanks so much.


Joshua Flowers, Firefighter


There's nothing I don't love.

All About Sam

I want to know what you think.

I want to know how your body feels when you think it.

And I want to help you reach your goals from there.

Let's stretch and align your body and mind until there is only one of you instead of two separate things in conflict. The gift of being human is the ability to perceive both, but I firmly believe that when we do the things that make us happiest we shine the brightest and gain the most ground, whatever that means to you. You are a ball of unlimited potential waiting for direction. I prefer to teach with proven techniques, self-love, and a wide-angle lens to see everything. Everybody's happy looks different, and I love all of them.

One on One Sessions

I support you.

You can do the work forever, you just keep getting better.

Expect to be more in touch with your body, more understanding of yourself, fitter, more mobile, have healthier joints, feel better, and sleep better. You just have to give yourself the time.



$100/30 minutes

I am so incredibly happy I found Sam. She is fantastic at what she does and helps me immensely. I wish I could go all the time! Anyone looking to restart their body and feel amazing needs see Sam! - Alexa N., photographer


There is nothing else like Sam’s Thai Bodywork; it’s unique, rejuvenating, and relaxing. She’s helped me increase my range of motion, lower inflammation, and feel great. It’s easy to walk out with a smile because it’s such positive work ! – Rinna M., reflexologist, reiki, and structural integration practitioner

Sam worked on me, mainly because I have problems with neck pain, more days than not. The pain disappeared immediately after my massage, and stayed away for two whole weeks. Typically, after a massage, I’m pain- free for only 3-4 days. Sam’s great; I’ve paid a lot more for less. – Nathan F., retired military


Jiu-Jitsu is empowering and takes time and practice to develop skills. We often find those who have pushed through learning an instrument do very well with this Brazilian martial art. My own experience dates back nearly 15 years and includes multiple World Championship finals, world travel, and many international-level competition wins.  Jiu-Jitsu exercises nearly every range of motion you can do in a sport in a safe and healthy environment. I'm happy to do private one-on-one lessons or help you get started in an academy group class.

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