I'd like you to talk about yourself.


Offering mindfulness, mobility, and martial arts.

If you trust and listen to your body you will find a lot of answers. Most people have spent their whole lives suppressing what they feel like doing in favor of what they think they should be doing or what other people have told them to do.


I've spent over a decade building sensitivity to people through close contact sports (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and the past 4 years learning direct strategies to help open up, respect, and guide your body's abilities long term.


Right now I'm probably more skilled at reading tension and stress in your body than you are. I'll use that to guide, suggest, and introduce ideas you may never have thought of trying and always posing the question of how can you be more in your body now? How can you put you first so you can grow into something happier and more forceful? People can only reflect what you put out to them.


My role is to help draw attention to all the things that don't work well for you right now. A session might include talking, bodywork, meditation/sitting in silence to guiding your attention to what your body wants most, asking leading questions, building your sensitivity to your own needs, or taking a walk. I'll lend or suggest books applicable to your situation. There are no limits. Come back when you want to or I'll advise a recommendation.


When something doesn't feel good, change.

Develop the skills and habits to start doing what you need to do the things you want.


Book several hours or an entire weekend devoted to self-guided goal-oriented solutions.

One on One Sessions

First Sessions

Up to 2 hours, $200

Follow-up visits


$185/1.5 hours (normally recommended)

I am so incredibly happy I found Sam. She is fantastic at what she does and helps me immensely. I wish I could go all the time! Anyone looking to restart their body and feel amazing needs see Sam! - Alexa N., photographer


There is nothing else like Sam’s Thai Bodywork; it’s unique, rejuvenating, and relaxing. She’s helped me increase my range of motion, lower inflammation, and feel great. It’s easy to walk out with a smile because it’s such positive work ! – Rinna M., reflexologist, reiki, and structural integration practitioner

Sam worked on me, mainly because I have problems with neck pain, more days than not. The pain disappeared immediately after my massage, and stayed away for two whole weeks. Typically, after a massage, I’m pain- free for only 3-4 days. Sam’s great; I’ve paid a lot more for less. – Nathan F., retired military


Jiu-Jitsu is empowering and takes time and practice to develop skills. We often find those who have pushed through learning an instrument do very well with this Brazilian martial art. My own experience dates back nearly 15 years and includes multiple World Championship finals, world travel, and many international-level competition wins. I'm currently the head kids' instructor at Gracie Academy Philadelphia at 1231 Bainbridge Street. Jiu-Jitsu exercises nearly every range of motion you can do in a sport in a safe and healthy environment. I'm happy to do private one-on-one lessons or help you get started in an academy group class.

Check out my blog posts on Jiu-Jitsu and life here.


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$120/hour (academy rate for black belts) or join my academy at 1231 Bainbridge Street in Bella Vista. Call Brian at 215-839-6501 to start. Feel free to ask me questions.

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