The best training (and only) of its kind in Durham, North Carolina.

I'm Samantha Faulhaber. I see my job as helping you figure out ways to do whatever you want. Mind, body, everything. Targeted and extremely specific to what is most important for you. Choose your level of commitment and watch yourself grow over time. A coach is a tool to help pull yourself up, faster.


All training starts with learning about yourself and valuing what you find.

You have unlimited options.


You can go left, right, up, down, do nothing, quit your job, make a sandwich, eat out, give away everything, finance your dream home, hire me, be sad you didn't. There are a million options in front of you no matter what your current circumstances. I hope you laughed at the last bit.


My name is Samantha Faulhaber, and I help you figure out how you relate to yourself. I have honed my skills as a bodyworker, martial artist, energy worker, and listener to help you figure out just what it is that your body is asking for that you might not be giving it right now. Highly physically demanding exercise, thought-provoking analysis, and complete and total relaxation are all on the menu. There are no rules to what might work for you.


I love to teach. The goal is always for you not to need me to achieve your goals.


I think we can all learn anything we need to by sitting and listening to ourselves and how we relate to the world around us. If you want help with that and a potentially life-changing professional relationship, we might be a good fit.


I'll be open with you about anything I read from your body's positioning, language, or things that come to mind I can't rightly explain myself but always seem to be just what the client needs to feel or hear at the time. As our time together unfolds, things get deeper, more fulfilling, and hopefully closer to you feeling completely self-sufficient. I don't think anything I do is special but that I offer something that not many people do. I look forward to meeting you.


Check out my videos, blog, and my Instagram page for ideas you can act on right now. If you want a personalized assessment, come see me in Durham, NC. Now booking sessions at Elevate MMA.


Get to know me to the left.

"Working with Sam is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After 3+ years of working with physical therapists, yoga, and different programs to help resolve my cycle of low back pain, Sam provided me with the knowledge and care to finally improve and prevent my low back pain. Her expertise in thai bodywork, FRC, and BJJ have made all the difference in the world! Her understanding of the body is amazing, which words cannot describe!

In addition to helping my pain, my body is moving better than ever! I can now sit in a MUCH DEEPER resting squat, hang from a bar with one arm without any pain, and I’m moving much better in bjj! More importantly everyday movements such as walking and bending over are pain and worry free! And to make things even better, Sam is one of the most caring and generous people I’ve ever met. So if you’re in pain or looking to improve your body and overall well being go see Sam at Move Well Durham ASAP!"


Steve Brennan, Engineer


Samantha Faulhaber. Durham, NC. Based out of Elevate MMA

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