Discipline or Self Discipline

If we all did what was best for us, I would be out of a job. AND THAT WOULD BE GREAT. As it is, we all need a nudge in the right direction, or maybe a great big kick in the behind. I always saved my homework until the last second, how about you?


You can’t wait until something absolutely has to be done when it comes to your body. Your body cares nothing for deadlines except to secrete more stress hormones. It cares about what you do on a regular basis, meaning every day. I have done a disservice to my clients by trusting them to continue working on themselves with a brand new routine. Even if it is only ten minutes of joint range of motion, adding something new to their day, every day, is hard to keep up with. So how can you discipline yourself better?


1. Set an alarm. I have an alarm that goes off every night at 10:30 telling me to get ready for bed. It has worked twice in a year. But maybe an alarm would work for you.


2. Use an app. I recommend Coach.me. This got me and many other people on track with goals that we set for our own self-improvement. Here is the link to the group I created for doing your CARs every day: https://www.coach.me/plans/465544-cars-every-day


3. Use the buddy system. Pair up with someone to hold each other accountable, or do the activity together.


4. Come in for more sessions. New clients are going to have to come back within a week and again once more after that before I believe they are doing their homework. I’ve in the past sent my clients off under the assumption they will take what they learned and immediately apply it. This is unrealistic and probably unfair. Scheduling more time means that we successfully introduce a deadline that will make someone practice at least one day before they see me next. As they start to feel better they may find themselves doing two days on their own, then three.


I’m here to help people make a real difference in their own lives. There are few among us that can be trusted with self discipline. Use tools and trainers that you trust to guide you along the way.


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