Do What Feels Good

Sometimes we do stuff that kinda sucks because we know or someone has convinced us enough it’s getting us closer to somewhere else we want to be. But what is going to keep you going? What makes you do more of it more than anything? What feels good.

I rail against stretching but it’s not because stretching is wrong or evil at all! It’s only because the evidence shows it doesn’t do what people generally think it’s doing – making them more mobile in a way that is entirely helpful to them (vs engaged musculature and nervous system). If stretching feels good, by all means DO IT. If moving your arms around feels good, do it. Climb a tree. Do yoga. Play with your kids. Roll down a hill. Lift weights. Breathe. Breathe in a different way. Do a neck circle. Do ANYTHING that expresses that you are a living being that appreciates the tools existent in your very body and which makes you feel good. Then continue to do things that make you feel good for the rest of your life. The more you try, the bigger your circle of things that feel good grows. What you may also find is the motivation to do those grinding workouts so you can do more of what you love and enjoy and wish to do but can’t right now. But it all starts with trying things and feeling good.


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