Make Friends with Movement

Don’t be afraid to dance.


To some people, moving represents pain. They’ve had a scarred and worried relationship with it that has left them scared and afraid to reach out any farther than it once or still does hurt. Their world has gotten smaller, and they’re not sure or maybe not even aware of how they’ve accepted this. It can change. The doorway can open again. Learning better movement, and how to do it in a way that makes friends with your body again, can change whole worlds. Create new worlds. Rediscover old ones. There is no “right”. There is pain, and there is freedom.


Move. Move carefully. Take dedicated time to move slowly, cautiously. Find out what really does hurt and where you were just afraid it might. The next day, move a little more and shine some light on new boundaries. Try a little different movement. See how it differs from the day before. Note that that will always happen, every day, which means your borders are by no means fixed. Those shadows you feared aren’t even real predators, but a few memories shaking in the wind. Sometimes they loom bigger and others they are nearly forgotten. Such is the power of movement, of a body that tackles bravely a thousand different inputs every second and adapts to them all, just for your sake because you are one and the same. Don’t view your body as separate from you just as you shouldn’t view movement as a separate thing. It is part of being alive, and with all its ups and downs of which there will be many, it has vast, unlimited potential for growth and transformation on a daily basis, one moment at a time.


On the same token, don’t stop yourself when you want to move! When a song comes on and your toe wants to tap, let that spread wherever it may go and experience the joy that comes from honoring your subconscious impulses. Don’t make up and then impose reasons on yourself not to listen to yourself. Do it. Be yourself unhindered for just three minutes. Allow yourself to be moved.


As when you or a professional has the opportunity to happily show off a skill they have earned, take every movement as an opportunity to revel in your skill and abilities as a living being. Every muscular shift, no matter how small, is a miracle and opportunity to hone your body and craft. Enjoy it, and love your body and self for allowing and adjusting to the requests you ask of it. If at this time you cannot do everything you wish, realize that the ability to do so is merely a dedicated effort over time, and every cell and second put towards that effort and really every thought towards it gets you closer to it.

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