Real New Year Fitness Strategy

I’m a Kinstretch instructor because I believe in it, so I’m biased to it for good reason. If you haven’t heard the tag line yet, Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system designed to develop maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. It’s real mobility training done in a class setting. It’s hard work under extremely controlled circumstances. Why is that important?


The best way to start working out is to make sure you don’t get hurt doing so. Even if you aren’t just stepping into a gym for the first time in the new year, chances are you aren’t using all the ranges of motion your body is capable of. Help yourself right now by going to my videos page and learning a morning routine to do daily. You’ll also learn one of those routines in a Kinstretch class. It’s self-diagnosis and maintenance in one, checking out all the angles you can in about ten minutes (though the instructional videos are longer). The more angles your body is familiar with, the better. All the angles your body doesn’t know its way around? Those are the ones you’re also most likely to be injured in.


Kinstretch is the prequel to every activity you could want to do. It functions very well as a workout on its own or can help get you ready to take on other interests. As my friend Kate Galliett says, you want to train in a conscious, controlled environment to better face an unconscious, uncontrolled world.


If if you get hurt by pushing yourself too hard before your body is ready, you are going to get injured. Injuries, put simply, are force exceeding the capacity of the tissue. You get your body ready by progressively loading as many angles as you can.


You can do this. Keep yourself in the game to achieve all your goals by staring a regular Kinstretch attendance record now ¬†Sign up now for a Wednesday morning (10:00am) or Thursday night (8:30pm) class at 1231 Bainbridge Street and get started telling your cells you want them healthy, strong, and ready to take on all the variables life has to offer. If you’d prefer to start one-on-one, we can do that too ¬†Personal mobility training and bodywork time are all on my scheduler as well


We want you to have a fitness journey you ENJOY and feel good about. Let’s do it! Happy new year. My resolution is to help reduce injuries and improve the lives of as many people as possible.


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