Teaching You How to Care For Your Joints

Everyone I know complains that they weren’t taught basic, important things in school. Whatever the modern equivalent of balancing a checkbook is, healthy cooking, how to sew a button, how to change a tire or the oil in your car. Important, useful stuff that sucks when you find yourself in need of it and don’t know how. What about taking care of yourself?

Our parents got the message through to us that we need to brush our teeth every day and see a dentist a couple of times a year if we want to have them for a long time. Some of us even go and see doctors for a physical annually.

But did anyone ever teach you how to take care of your joints? How to keep them healthy, when you should ask for help from a professional, how to keep from seeing a professional very often? Have you ever had your joint function checked?

Joints stay healthy by moving. Your brain processes things better when you move more. Your body feels better when you don’t sit still for long. Your body does whatever you tell it to do most often. At its most basic level, joints stay healthy by being put through their paces every day.

I do assessments on clients that come to see me for issues. Imagine if more people came to get their joints checked BEFORE there was a problem serious enough to effect their quality of life? If you start paying attention to what your body feels like every day by real scanning and information gathering you Are better equipped to detect changes that could be troublesome in addition to making your joints less prone to problems.

You ¬†are your body. Take care of you so you can do more things you want to do and keep doing the ones you already do. Figure out where you don’t move as well as you’d like and practice, practice, practice. There are ways to improve everything with the right inputs. If you want help, book an appointment. If you want to get started, it’s as simple as following along to a few videos.

I want every client to leave knowing something they didn’t know when they walked into the session. Either about how bodies worked in general or how their own body works or doesn’t work yet. I’m not only a trainer, I’m a teacher and I want you to grow.

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