FRC Shaped Me

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) shaped my thinking

By making me realize I shape myself. Once you get on the cellular cause and effect train you can’t get off of it.

Signal, response (idea taken from Kate Galliett)

I no longer think anything my body does is “random”. I wonder what repeated inputs or lack thereof created a given situation at hand. I have a bump on my toe. I wonder what forces were exerted on it to make the body layer tissue in that manner there. I have a twinge in my shoulder (made up example). I wonder what training I could have done to precondition the cells to take whatever load they were evidently unprepared for. I immediately start thinking of what I can do to examine further and begin influencing cells to heal and make anything I want.

You and I can change things 

While I don’t think I have all the answers yet (ha!), I know for a fact that we can all change our bodies. For good or bad (which are all relative to your personal judgement), your body responds to what forces you choose to put it through. What fuel you provide your cells (diet) and the orders you give them to build with that fuel (every action you take or don’t take). You are not only given opportunity to change, you are literally changing all of the time. You are never the same person. What you choose to do with the constant opportunity before you is up to you.

Teaching others 

Now I love to teach others ways to provide inputs to their body to build the things they say they want to build within themselves. Sorry for the run-on sentence. If you take control, you have control. That’s it. The more you accept that you are steering the ship the better you will be at navigating it.

Change takes time 

Even though we have all of this power we also need to realize that consistency over time is the only way to create a masterpiece. Your masterpiece is being shaped, forever. The more you practice anything the more response you get. I’m here to help you provide the influences you need to make a body that works the way you want it to. Indulge in the skill of living.

For more on the free-thinking ideals of Functional Range Contitioning go to and start learning for yourself.

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