I Love Authenticity

Jump. Or don’t. What feels right for you?

Like really love it. It’s not what people say necessarily or even what they do, but what they really truly feel in their hearts before it has a chance to be converted into word or action. Sounds tough, right? How on earth are you supposed to get to that?


Maybe you’re familiar with the concept of flow states. The much-revered perfect state that elite athletes describe as action without thought at critical moments that often change everything. I believe you can change everything all the time by pursuing what is most feel-based. I can’t guarantee what will happen when you do, but you also can’t guarantee what will happen when you use logic all the time either. I do know that when you go with what feels right you don’t have to stuff down the feeling in pursuit of what doesn’t feel as good, and that’s good enough for me because I’d rather not fight my gut.


I have a theory that all of the world’s problems are a result of people stuffing down what they really want in favor of what they convinced themselves was a better choice. I think every time you do that a little piece of you dies temporarily. Temporarily, because you can get it back. Practice enough how to NOT do what you want to do and eventually the path to the real voice inside will seem brambled and overgrown. Everyone suffers from imposter syndrome and insecurity because they have built themselves into imposters in their own bodies. Keeping up a front is exhausting. When you actually start doing and feeling the real you it’s an incredible relief.


So how do you begin to find your present, authentic self? I propose movement as a key starting point. Spend time feeling what feels good for your body. You literally cannot logic it out if you truly go on feel. Even then most people will default to what other people have told them will feel good for their bodies before they learn to find their own pleasure. With practice you will eventually be like a curious child, experimenting, shifting, and challenging every which way to find what works for you. It’s why I stopped assigning as much specific stuff as possible to clients. Instead of a particular stretch, I ask them to find 3-4 different stretches for the area we’re working on. The angles I assign can never be as accurate as them finding what feels tightest or most restricted for them.


I am very sensitive to what is going on in people’s bodies and have been cultivating it for over a decade without realizing it through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve spent over 4 years consciously cultivating it with bodywork training and movement analysis. Since I’ve done so much experimenting and watching and teaching I may be able to introduce you to ways you aren’t aware of yet. Millimeters of adjusting can change things greatly. My hope is that you don’t really need me. But it’s always nice to have a second set of (educated) eyes to give a fresh perspective and challenges.

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