Happiness in Only Ten Minutes Per Day!

It’s a big big part of marketing thrown at you every day. “In as little as…!”

“ten minutes a day”

“two hours per week”

“one week a year”

“five seconds in a microwave”


What are we doing with all of this time we’re saving? What do things we get or do only because of the little bit of time it takes mean to us? I think we deserve to give ourselves more credit.


If time is the the main focus, then why are we doing it at all? Is it important to you? Would you do whatever task you’re currently thinking about if it took more time?


It pays to take a moment and think about why you are doing things. What do your actions and time represent to you? Are you spending a few minutes a day on moving your body in the hopes of staying just ahead of the wave threatening your bodily functions? What would you get if you focused your life on your health, or your happiness, or the happiness of someone or something you care about  so much that their happiness creates your happiness? What does the whole picture look like? Do the fragments come together?


We can’t do everything all the time, and it would be folly to pursue to.


I’m proposing that when you do something with a big bold “IT ONLY TAKES TEN MINUTES PER DAY” and you find yourself focusing on that rather than the benefits it provides you to do it, maybe you could be spending your time on something you actually care about intrinsically instead. A simple shift can take the same action and make it much more enjoyable and important to you, making it easier to do those minutes because they MATTER to you, not because someone else convinced you to with their marketing promises, myself included.


Maybe whatever is is important to you really only takes five minutes per day. Five minutes per day adds up to a whole lot of progress over time if you’re consistent.


I’m going to stop emphasizing the small time commitment it takes to start contributing to your health and start emphasizing whatever is important to you. If my skills align with helping you get what you want, then we’re going to have some fun. If we’re not a good fit, that’s ok too! I hope for nothing but your happiness. You have everything going for you. What would you like to do with it?

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