Movement and CGI

CARs and CGI analogies – newsletter from 6/14/18

Look up for a second and look completely around the room, slowly.

If you did that with a minimum of turning your body you probably just did a neck CAR (controlled articular rotation).

I’m in the business of asking why about most things and completely trusting others now that I think of it lol.

I posted a really complicated but not really because it’s only a minute long thing on Instagram today about the point of CARs. At the Summit we heavily discussed the purpose being afference through the joint capsules. Meaning, do you move enough to feel stuff in all the ranges of your joint capsules?

You know those CGI models with black suits and dots on key points on their bodies?

Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata in Star Wars mockup.

You know how good CGI is now? How smooth and lifelike it’s become? “Good movement” is smooth, whether it’s in real life or computer-generated.

In your joints there’s a layer called the capsule. It’s the deepest layer of the joint. In the capsule are nerves that basically have the hookup on the direct line to the president – your central nervous system. The only other people that have that hookup are team eyesight and team hearing. These are some heavy hitters on the evolutionary scale. Everybody else has to go through the bouncer, name spine, but these guys – what they say is important.

For some reason I am unable to put full spaces between these paragraphs right now. Maybe that’s a sign I need to make this good enough to read even without the short-attention-span supporting frequent line breaks.

Sight, hearing, and joint capsules keep us alive. They’re the Avengers of the body, doing what needs to be done to look out for Consciousness, Logic, and Chocolate Cravings.

Anyway, the better the drawing is of your body according to your joint capsules, the better mover you are. The smoother the frame-rate. The goal is to be creepy fast like the Hobbit movies were.

The thing is, the stuff that stays clearly represented is only the stuff that’s frequently attended to. Dots will start getting smudged and disappearing off the map from disuse pretty quickly. Think of your car windshield when it’s raining. Got it? You can see best through the areas that your wipers just swiped, and the stuff outside of where they reach is still technically glass but pretty much useless.

By feeling yourself in as many ways as possible [pause]


you keep the picture clear. The more dots you clean each day, the smoother the movement stays.

The better your coordination.

The more problems you can solve.

The more prepared you are.

So if you want to move like this guy, who probably can’t turn his head to see around the room very well,

stick (haha) with looking straight ahead all the time and moving minimally. I guarantee you do not use a full range of motion on each joint every day unless you consciously do so.

But if you want to be eerily life-like in real life, start refreshing those dots all over the place and particularly in any part of your body there’s two pieces that meet and bend in the middle. (Joints. I’m talking about your joints).

Paint the most vibrant picture you can each day, both for a few minutes at one time and whenever you can throughout your day. I’m telling you, once you start building the habit it’s addictive. Imagine going from numb to feeling so many things – you start to love and crave movement if you just give it a chance by doing it every day on purpose for a while. I want color all the time. Make your world colorful and your central nervous system aware of everything it has to work with by moving – no, exploring – how many different ways you can move your joints around each day, as often as you can, not zero, and more than once. Polish those bad boys up. They’ll be shinin if you just rub em a little bit all over. Every day. If your refresh rate sucks you’ll be staring at your joints the way you stare at your smartphone when you only have one bar of service on a 2G network.

But seriously like synovial fluid ain’t gonna spread itself. Joints stay healthy by moving. Cortical representation of your body is dependent on regular stimulation or the energy will be diverted to maintaining other structures that have been deemed by your actions more important, and magic fairy dust is in the details.

Know yourself.

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