Details matter.

What would it be like to have complete focus on your growth?

You grow fast when the situation around you is like fertilizer.

What will it feel like when you know better where your decision making comes from?

What is it worth to you to have the weight of the energy that's been bearing down your shoulders shifted?

How will improving your relationship with yourself affect the way you involve and attract (and sometimes repel) others?

What would it be like to live an honest life?

Are you finally ready to put yourself first so you can be strong, confident, and in touch with your infinite internal knowledge?


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A few words:

"I think being with you that weekend has allowed me to be less closed off to others and to live a more free and honest life. I also have a stronger tendency to do what I want, and to not judge people for what they do differently." - Tracy, attorney


"Laying across time

Death on my mind

Tenacity as pride

Letting go isn’t an option for me

Until I see the thread of it

The dread of it.  The pain of it

Stopping me.

I’m not the him of yesteryear.

It’s cold and wet now

Like it was then.

Maybe that’s why I’m sad in the rain.

Maybe now I can see the carrion birds feasting on me

Not angry with them.

But pulling out an arrow across time

That hurts and it burns. And

I didn’t even get there yet.

It’s not the dying that hurts.

It’s regret. " - Dr. Eugene Zadov, who had a past-life experience that was felt in physical changes over his weekend


"This retreat in Wyoming was epic in so many ways.  Sam is an extraordinary teacher, healer, and human.   She is the good in this world.   I often think about our impromptu change of plans and how they would lead us to beautiful gems.  I would look forward to each of our bodywork sessions.  I’ll never forget the first day where we were silent all day and Sam began to do some bodywork on me without ever having exchanged a dialog about any of my injuries or areas in my body that needed work.  I was captivated by her intuitive ability to discover even the most subtle areas requiring care.  Not to mention how Sam would ask the most thought provoking questions that really forced me out of my comfort zone.  If you want a life changing experience I encourage to go on  retreat with Samantha.  I look forward to another opportunity to go on retreat with Sam."

Christian - yoga and movement teacher


“Does my body like it?” is a great refrain. It’s one I’ll use going forward, along with “come back to center.” or “just center.” I do think it’s just a starting point though. Because equally important to asking the right question, is knowing how to interpret the answers. Cultivating your intuition and your “body messages” might be the most important literacy you can have.
This is all to say, thank you. I knew there was a reason we met and I sought out the immersion, even if it wasn’t for what I was originally after. I really appreciate the sentiment today. It’s a solid affirmation that I’m heading in the right direction.
-Charlie, student