What do you want?


You will get the fullest experience if you come in with no assumptions and an open mind.


With in-person consultations you come in, I act as proxy for your body and soul and tell you about what's being asked for.


For online training, we talk and decide whether you're ready for a momentous change in your life.


More joy.

More rest.

More action.

More of the ability to enjoy your life in the ways that you really want to enjoy it.


Much of this work is mental with physical supporting elements to really bring it home.


This work is for people that want to know more, feel deeply, and release tension and stress both physically and mentally. I work with people that want to let go of the feeling they need to work themselves to death chasing something that may never come.


Schedule a call and we'll talk about what you want for your life. And whether I am the right person to do it with you.



"Working with Sam is simply the best! Her ability to understand the needs of the body and the creativity to develop exercises to fulfill those needs never ceases to amaze me. And even better she always provides you with the advice and knowledge to help develop that same body awareness to take care of your body on your own, which I can't thank her enough for.

Prior to working with Sam I'd been battling chronic low back pain for almost 3 years due to my hips, upper back, and spine being all locked up from years of constant sitting and improper weight training. After just a couple of months of working with Sam, my hips are freer than ever as I can sit in deep squat pain free, my shoulder and upper back feel loose and limber as I have much better control and range of motion in my shoulder, and my spine is longer and more limber than ever. Words can't describe how much better I feel after working with Sam. It's completely changed my approach to taking care of my body .

And as proof that my body is opening up, I measured my height the other day and I've grown an inch from 5'8" to 5'9", which isn't suppose to happen when you're 26!

On top of the private sessions, she always provides me with feedback and strategies to stay limber and pain free on my own. And Sam is such a kind and generous person as she's always willing to help you with anything related to improving any aspect of your life.

And I could go on and on with how helpful and great of person she is. So do yourself a favor and work with Sam to improve your body and life!

Twice a week made a big difference. Once-a-weeks still got rid of back pain and moving better. It got me a resting deep squat. But I wasn't 100% aware of my restrictions. Twice a week my body awareness skyrocketed. Having your feedback on a weekly basis makes a big difference." - Steve Brennan, engineer


"Thanks to you, I learned that moving—not only exercising—is important and something that I can adopt in my daily routine." - Jag Talon, frontend programmer


"You totally (re)opened my eyes to the joy that I feel when I am inside of and in touch with my body, and I feel like I'm still only breaching the surface. I did Tom Weksler's workshop last weekend and it was fucking unreal and I thought 'I should thank Sam because there's a chance I wouldn't be here doing this amazing thing that I love so much if I never met her.' so THANKS!!" - Dylan Smythe, teacher and student


"I go to Sam for guidance on how to make my body more mobile (aka harder to kill) and reduce pain, and she provides endless and creative homework that I can handle implementing. But what brings me joy in our sessions is knowing that, even though the physical work we do will only build mobility over time, she gives me the confidence in my body to use all of what it has available now, moving past ghosts of old injuries and associated (im)mobility patterns. After one energy session with Sam, the old injuries that have plagued my training for years become noticeably quieter in BJJ class. While rolling, I kept moving and fighting in positions I used to tap from. Working with Sam not only equipped me with the physical confidence that my once-weak injured parts are capable of much more strength and motion than I typically allow, but also instilled in me a greater sense of calm and control in my training sessions. Sometimes people chalk energy work up to "just feelings" (as if that's not a worthy healing modality!) but as a fighter I can assure you that this work has real, measurable results, like getting tapped out less and developing increasingly adaptive movement patterns." - E. Schroder, MMA fighter